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About CBIZ 32

Our mission is to help our clients grow and prosper by providing them an array of high quality professional business and individual services. Our first priority will be to serve our clients well. We will consistently strive to provide superior services and products and will endeavor to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

CBIZ (NYSE: CBZ) is a professional services company, providing a comprehensive range of business services, products and solutions that help our clients grow and succeed by better managing their finances, employees and technology.

We are one of the nation's leading:

  • Accounting Providers
  • Employee Benefits Specialists
  • Property & Casualty Agencies
  • Valuation firms
  • Medical Management practice firms
  • Retirement Plan service providers

Growth and Success. Efficiency and Profitability. It's likely these goals are top priorities for your business. It's also likely that the daily distractions of financial, employee, and technology issues diminish your ability to focus on those goals.

CBIZ enables you to dedicate your time to critical business matters by providing custom solutions that help you manage your finances, employees, and technology systems. We offer clients exceptional quality and diverse capabilities with the personal attention your business needs and deserves, all with a single focus: your success.

Contact Information

Company CBIZ
Phone (252) 514-0057
Name BJ Jones