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Employer Health Plan Offerings

AIH and Beacon can work directly with your insurance company, or if your company is self-insured, your third party administrator ("TPA"). AIH and Beacon offer:

  • A regional network of physicians, hospitals, and other health care providers;
  • Medical management services; and
  • Information reporting capability for health plan management.
Beacon can provide employers with additional health plan choices. Through a preferred relationship with several "A" rated Insurance Companies, Beacon can offer fully insured health plans and administration services for self-insured employers. These products and services are the proprietary health plan programs marketed and managed by Beacon. Beacon only works with rated "A - Excellent" by the insurance rating agency, A.M. Best, and have a track record of superior performance as an insurance company and health plan administrator.

The distinguishing feature is that AIH and Beacon are accountable, and actually seek to be measured, as to the accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and quality of patient care offered directly to employers and other health care consumers. Participating AIH physicians have been selected by their peers, are credentialed, and agree to negotiated, competitive pricing. Our private label health plans provide employers with health plan options that are marketed and managed exclusively within the communities of Eastern North Carolina.