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Copy Pro

About Copy Pro

Find out what others in Eastern North Carolina have known for over 35 years; at CopyPro, Inc., customers are our first priority.

CopyPro, Inc., based in Greenville, North Carolina was founded in 1971 and is owned by Ed Murphrey and David Jones. This partnership created a synergistic team that allowed for the mutual vision of growing the business throughout eastern North Carolina to be realized.

CopyPro moved into its current corporate offices on Landmark Street in Greenville, NC in 1983. Since then, CopyPro has continued to enjoy significant growth and success. In 1988 CopyPro expanded by opening an office in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Over the years CopyPro has been recognized for having achieved significant success such as being the top national reseller of TR Systems, Savin color equipment and Rebus Recollect software. In 2003 Savin recognized CopyPro as the "Market Place of the Year Award." Also in 2003 OfficeDealer Magazine recognized CopyPro as the Elite Dealer of the year. In 2004 and 2005, CopyPro was recognized as the top seller of solutions for Konica Minolta from over 700 dealers.

CopyPro is now a total network solutions provider with a suite of software and hardware solutions. With the advent of the networked "Multi-Functional Device," and document management software, the CopyPro team now operates in a world of continual education and skills upgrading. By so doing we remain capable of providing our award-winning, world-class customer service that has become our hallmark.

CopyPro continues to be recognized by our vendors for our outstanding performances, with some of the latest being named the 2004 Marketplace of the Year for Savin Corporation, 1 of 6 dealers appointed to Konica-Minolta's Dealers Solution Council, receipt of our 11th consecutive Konica-Minolta Pro Tech Service Provider Award and winning our 10th Konica Minolta Honor Council Award for outstanding sales to name but a few.

The future for CopyPro? It couldn't be brighter! We have the best product lines, the best management team, and the most professional and loyal employees on the planet. Our mission is simply to continue to provide excellent products, solutions and service while growing our base of loyal and satisfied customers in eastern North Carolina.

Contact Information

Company Copy Pro
Phone (800) 682-6558
Name Sean Dipple