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The Doctors Company

About The Doctors Company

Leading a company and an industry

  • We are looking ahead. - At The Doctors Company, we are committed to guarding your livelihood and your reputation. Relentlessly. We are on a mission to relentlessly defend, protect, and reward physicians who advance the practice of good medicine.
  • We welcome you as a member - Other medical malpractice insurance companies see you as a policyholder. Because we were founded by doctors, we are closely aligned with your interests. At The Doctors Company, you are not just a policyholder, but a member with a stake in the company.
  • We are here for you. - Much has been accomplished in support of doctors. But there is much more to be done. The strength of our company, of our leadership, of our national and local scope, positions us to continue to lead our industry on behalf of doctors.
  • Subsidiaries of The Doctors Company - Together, The Doctors Company, the nation's leading physician-owned and -operated provider of medical malpractice insurance, and nine wholly owned subsidiaries form a strong platform offering a variety of insurance products and services nationwide.
  • The Doctors Company Foundation - The Doctors Company Foundation provides charitable grants to support patient safety research, forums, and pilot programs, physician education programs, and medical liability research.

Contact Information

Company The Doctors Company
Phone 877-514-0057
Name BJ Jones