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Dragon Medical

We appreciate this opportunity to provide this custom Dragon Medical proposal, including product information and pricing for you, as a member of AIH/The Beacon Company.

Join the over 100,000 US clinicians using Dragon Medical!

Dragon Medical 10 enables medical professionals to get complete clinical notes instantly and at a fraction of the cost of manual transcription. Save thousands of dollars per year per physician.
Reduce or eliminate manual transcription!

  • Dictate into Windows® applications including your Electronic Medical/Health Record (EMR/EHR), word processor and email.
  • Select your medical specialty from over 75 preconfigured medical specialty vocabularies.
  • Quickly create simple commands that will enter blocks of text such as normal exam results or patient education statements. Automate complex, multi-step tasks.
  • Use digital recorders when away from your PC and/or specialty microphones such as the programmable Dictaphone PowerMic 2 (shown at right), Bluetooth/wireless mics, etc. A basic noise-canceling headset microphone is included.
  • Use Dragon’s Roaming User feature for easy user movement between PCs & for central back-up.
  • Experience increased accuracy for accented speakers with the regional accented English acoustic models: Indian, Spanish, British, Australian, SE Asian, Southern US and Inland Northern US (Great Lakes area).
  • Enhanced Medical Formatting capabilities allow users to set how Dragon Medical displays dictation of information like times, dates, units of measure, and acronyms for medical conditions and procedures.

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