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The Prevention Plan

The Prevention Plan™ from U.S. Preventive Medicine is a comprehensive health management program -- from wellness to chronic condition management to executive health -- that will lower overall health care costs and improve productivity.

In 2008, the median health care cost per employee was $7,173, according to a survey by employer coalition National Business Group on Health and Watson Wyatt. As employers know too well, these costs are escalating year after year and are unsustainable. The experts agree that prevention is the answer.

Exactly How Much Can You Save?

Calculating cost containment and savings from a wellness program isn’t easy. That’s why our experts in prevention have built groundbreaking tools such as the Prevention Score and the ROI Calculator. These innovative programs use proprietary algorithms and methodology to not only estimate cost containment and savings , but drive results as well. Because of the sophisticated nature of these tools, we are able to provide you with a guarantee you can take to the bank.

So, give us with a few minutes of your time and we can determine if prevention efforts are a wise investment for your organization. Using your company-specific data, national statistics and some key assumptions, we can tell you exactly how much you can expect to save in year one, two and three. Lower health care costs, Guaranteed.

Call us today at 866-369-9246 and start saving tomorrow.