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ID Theft 101

Are You "Red Flags" ready?

As part of the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) implementation of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003, physicians may need to comply with "red flag" regulations announced by the FTC, which require creditors of covered accounts to establish an identity Theft Prevention Program by August 1, 2009 that can detect, prevent and mitigate identity theft.

The Red Flags regulations require a business owner to put reasonable safeguards in place. While business owners often bear the biggest part of the monetary damages, these safeguards can help mitigate those damages, reduce exposure to class action lawsuits, and FTC litigation, while helping protect your customer's and employee's non-public information.

Reasonable Safeguards: (not all inclusive)

  1. Appoint, in writing, an Information Security Officer
  2. Develop a written plan and policy to protect all non-public information for empoyees and customers.
  3. Hold employee training meetings
  4. Oversee service provider arrangements - before outsourcing any of your business functions - payroll, web hosting, data processing, insurance, cleaning company, CPA, attorney, BS's, etc, - investigate the company's data security practices. Your liability follows your data.

With the red flag template policy provided by the AMA or your local association, Atlantic Integrated Health (AIH) will offer to your practice the Affirmative Defense Response System (ADRS) which provides training and documents showing you have been trained on the reasonable steps required to protect sensitive information. This training and documentation will be provided at no direct cost. We are able to do this by providing a voluntary Identity Theft and Legal Benefit to your employees during this training session. With no financial obligation, there is also no downside.

Learn more about the ADRS

With identity theft being the number one crime in America, implementing the ADRS program along with the AMA or your local Association Red Flags Rule (RFR) Policy will allow you to let your patients know you care about protecting their Non-Public information they entrust to you, as well as their medical care. This program will also help to protect your reputation and good name you have spent years, and money branding and building.

For more information on the ADRS program, please contact: Michael Hill - certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist

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