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Applications to Join the Network

Download and fill out this form:

AIH Participating Provider Agreement

Send completed form to:

Atlantic Integrated Health, Inc
1209 Arendell St,
Morehead City NC 28557

Why Join the AIH Network?

AIH is seeking well-defined, long-term relationships with health plans and other buyers of health care services, which share vision and commitment to influencing changes in the health care delivery system that are positive for patients and helpful to physician providers.

The integration of the medical group practices and physicians creates significant potential to enhance the quality and cost effectiveness of care provided to patients served by our network.
AIH believes that information technology is critical to the growth of its integrated health care delivery system and that the availability of detailed clinical data is fundamental to quality control and cost containment.

Addressing concerns over the accelerating cost of health care, AIH looks to produce a mutually beneficial relationship between participating physicians in the AIH network and the community members who are seeking health care services from those physicians. As markets evolve, health care providers confront market pressures to provide high quality health care in a cost effective manner. AIH is constantly working to improve heath care delivery to these standards as well as create affordable and user-friendly health care for our residents.

Unlike other networks who only want to cost you money, AIH offers group-purchasing opportunities and significant savings on overhead. These programs allow your practice to access significant discounts with national medical supply vendors, some of which you may already have an existing relationship with, albeit without the additional savings. In 2009, we will be making a special effort to become the first source for your practice to find services that are developed especially with physicians in mind.

We are confident that you will find our Participating Provider Agreement "provider friendly" and our reimbursement for services competitive. Additionally, there is no cost to your practice for joining the AIH network.

Please find above the AIH Participating Provider Agreement. Please review and sign all copies. Please return all copies for final execution. We will return an original of each Agreement to your office.

Also, above you will find a Credentialing Application. Please make as many copies necessary for each Physician and return completed applications with the Participating Provider Agreement. In the future when re-credentialing, we will pre-populate the forms for you to simplify the process, and save the valuable time of your Staff and your physicians.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at (877) 514-0057. Our hours are Monday through Thursday, 8 AM to 5 PM - Friday 8 AM to 12 PM.