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Chairman's Message


While politicians in Raleigh and Washington come to grips with their campaign promises of an improved health care system, but seem to be focusing more on cost than performance, it is important for you to reassess the costs in your own "small business."

One of my colleagues recently lamented: "Medicine in this country is more and more socialized, while my office overhead remains market based!"

While true, it may be time to use the "market" to your advantage. There are opportunities in this time of recession and quiet times in the insurance industry.  One of the successes of AIH/Beacon has been providing our practices and partners with access to ways to reduce their office overhead and expenses through the process of group purchasing.  And we have been very successful.

Throughout this newsletter you can find information about products and services that we feel are very competitive and worthy of your consideration.  It costs nothing to have your staff or office manager "price" these products and services, but the savings can add to your practice bottom line.

I encourage you to take advantage where you can!!


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